Founded in 2016 by Asa Greenberg and Ian McGloin, Argonaut Pictures produces and finances film, TV and digital entertainment productions.

Our Origin Story

The myth of Jason and the Argonauts originated in ancient Greece.

It follows a group of warriors who sail to unknown waters, in search of a prize that may not actually exist. We admire them as heroes, explorers, and adventurers, motivated by honor. But most of all we admire their story, for enduring through the ages.

It is in homage to the tale itself that we’ve named our company Argonaut Pictures.


Argonaut Pictures works with partners in two ways.


The Argonauts produce studio-quality films, as well as television and digital entertainment. Current productions include a mid-budget (~$50M) studio film, as well as a mid-budget (~$20M) feature financed by a major independent production company.


The Argonauts finance feature film, television, and digital entertainment productions on a highly selective basis. Criteria for individual projects will vary, but commitments for worldwide distribution are generally required. Recent projects financed by our team include a major, high-budget (~$200M) studio film release.


Our small, tight-knit crew is comprised of adventurers with a unique blend of skill sets.

These include: production/development, distribution, strategy/operations, and entertainment finance.

Ian McGloin

Ian has served as Producer, Executive Producer and studio executive on over 10 studio and independent features. He also served as Managing Director of Strange Loop Entertainment, a hedge fund-backed independent production company/financier.

Asa Greenberg

A producer with experience in finance and operations as well as in creative production, Asa’s credits include a major studio tentpole and several TV series. He also co-founded and co-managed the entertainment & media division of Cornwall Capital, a hedge fund.